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Building the future in a world of globalized work and ideas is a task that largely exceeds the individual capacity of one single person. A more recommendable approach would be to work with relatively small groups or to consider major collaborations with multiple expert groups. The central issue is to put the accent on quality and the methodology used.


A company that interacts with different markets in different languages must also pay attention to the graphic components used, which in turn requires cultural and aesthetic adjustments.


Localization also involves marketing, legal, design and technical aspects that will depend on the topic chosen and the channel used. For example, in a sports context, a picture of an ice hockey player rather than a soccer player will be far less attractive to a Latin American audience.

The socio-economic environment and the local business competition that characterize modern trade require localization experts to also specialize in interactive marketing.

Differences in prices and economic contexts may cause the exact same product to be considered local in one market and a luxury item in another. Marketing knowledge is therefore essential to successful text localization.



Excessive regulatory restrictions are a major obstacle to online trade, as they prevent it from adapting to new circumstances and technical developments.

However, it is important to comply with all digital network regulations and the legislation in force in each country.


While some courts of law have so far shown leniency towards people who infringe these regulations or neglect their responsibilities regarding web content, it is important to consider that the cost of losing your customers' trust is much more harmful to your business.


The set of techniques applied to increase the visibility of one website in the matches shown during a particular search, without resorting to the pay per click option, whose amount will be strictly tied to the number of clicks made on the advertising banner​

Web content translation should be in line with the localization process. In order to ensure your target audience will contact you for a quote or to buy your products/services, translated texts must be optimized by a search engine.

The technique used is called 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


Writing is usually to inform whereas copywriting is to prompt people to take action.

Successful localization means rethinking visual designs in order to produce different images and designs that will catch the eye of specific audiences in different locations.

For this purpose, we may suggest the replacement and/or localization of graphics and photographs in a way that is not detrimental to your brand identity.

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