Building the future, in our globalized world of work and thought, would hardly be a possible task for only one person's expertise, which led to a greater focus on methodology and quality involving groups ranging from few people's knowledge to major exercises of up to experts' think tank sessions.


Before sending a message to different markets via target languages, a company must calibrate appropriate graphics, that's part of Localization, which includes cultural and aesthetic adjustments.


Localization also involves marketing, legal, design and technical processes depending on the topic and media. With regard to sport, a picture showing hockey, rather than European football, will desperately appeal to an audience outside America.

Due to social and economic environments, knowing local competitors and local business platform may turn a localization expert into a marketer.

Due to different pricing and economic environments, a casual product in one country might be a fancy one in another, then marketing knowledge highly matters in localization operation.



Too much regulation will freeze commerce over the Internet and prevent it from adapting to new circumstances and technical 


However, you should pay attention to digital network rules and regulations in each country as well as to the laws in force.


While some courts have so far shown leniency towards people who violate these regulations or do not take their responsibilities of the contents on the Web, it should be noted that the cost of losing your customers' trust is much more harmful to your business concern.


Web Content Translation should be in line with the localization process. So as to communicate with the right target into getting in touch with you or buying your products/services for a price quote, translated texts should be optimized by a search engine. 

The technique to achieve it is 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)



Writing is usually to inform whereas copywriting is to get people to take action.

Successful localization considers to rethink visual designs that leads to producing different eye-catching images and designs for different locations.

To this end, we may suggest replacement and/or localization of graphics and photographs of yours or of any others, without harming your brand identity.