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Ets-Intercom has been offering translation services in English, French and Spanish for over 25 years through a network of language professionals who translate into their mother tongue. Our proactive approach has limited the number of languages in order to speed up the communication process within our team of linguists, translators and revisers. Moreover, such an approach sets the rules and standards to achieve the quality assurance of our services.


Ets-Intercom proudly relies on the expertise of Traductions intercom, an affiliated company based in Montreal, Canada. Traductions intercom draws on its human and material resources as well as  modern technology to steer a steady course towards Total Quality.


The structures of tomorrow must allow for real cross-cutting, participatory, and communicative management processes inspired by the desire of sharing knowledge.


  • Translate and localize your web contents to reach thousands of new visitors

  • Let your potential customers find information in their own language, so they can consider and complete a purchase

  • Offer your products and/or services to a targeted audience and get significant visibility to boost your company's growth potential

  • Gain market share in your industry by ensuring a superior browsing experience to visitors from different cultures


We will tailor your content to the local culture and target audience to preserve your brand identity while allowing you to penetrate new markets.

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